Careers Advice

Job Fair Ready

With 1000s of attendees and 100s of potential employees in one place at one time, job fairs are still popular, and great way to find your next position. In the hospitality sector, jobs fairs happen throughout the year so now is a good time to plan which one you are going to attend and get ahead with your preparation for it.



All job fairs are different so make sure you have the postcode and know where it is and how long it will take you to get there. Is there parking? What day and time is it on? What is the structure of the day? What companies will be there?

Do your homework

Before the event check out the job fair website and clue yourself up on all the attending companies. Go to company websites and check out their vision, mission, values and any vacancies they may have. This will show employers you have prepared and you will not waste time talking to companies you are not interested in.

Pitch perfect

Have a quick piece summarising your skills and experience prepared ready to promote yourself to employers. Include who you are, what your skills are, and what your career goal is.

On the day

Look the part

While you do not necessarily need to be dressed and pressed, ensure you are clean, smart and look professional, armed with your CV, notepad and pen. Make sure your shoes are comfortable because you will be standing in line.

Take your time

Job fairs are not to be rushed. Get there early and be prepared to be standing around and waiting a lot!

Get involved

Many job fairs have workshops or seminars to help you find your perfect job. These are great networking opportunities as well as helping you brush up on your job search techniques.


Talk to as many employers as possible as you never know where it may lead. Be professional and positive and make the most of every opportunity.

The right attitude

Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters confidently while showing your professionalism and enthusiasm. Ensure you demonstrate an interest in the company and its job opportunities.

Question time

You will be asked questions so be prepared with some answers but also prepare your own questions to ask. This will again make you look interested, thoughtful and well prepared.

The follow up

Take note

On the day you will have collected business cards/email addresses, so you have the contact information for the people you have spoken with. Once home, immediately send “Connect” requests on LinkedIn to further your networking and business relationships. Don’t be afraid to re-engage with companies after the event to pursue opportunities.