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Job Profile - Bar staff

Bartender, mixologist, barkeep – whatever you call that amazing person who welcomes you as you walk into any pub or bar. We all have an opinion on how it should be done and what they should be doing. But what does it take to be a good bartender, and have you got it?


Firstly, what will you actually do? Your duties differ between establishments but in general, all bar staff are responsible for:

  • preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for all customers
  • interacting with customers, taking orders, serving drinks and snacks and sometimes meals
  • assessing customers' needs and preferences; making recommendations as and when required
  • mixing ingredients to prepare cocktails
  • handling cash
  • planning and presenting the bar menu
  • checking customers’ identification to conform with legal drinking age requirements
  • restocking bar inventory and supplies
  • nurturing the best guest experience possible – the customer comes first
  • ensuring the premises complies with all food and beverage regulations


Is it for you?

When we experience bad customer service, we all think we can do better but the job does require patience, resilience and a natural passion for customer service.  Shifts are long, and the last customer is as important as the first, requiring the same smile, manners and attention to detail.


When applying for a position you will require: 

  • Excellent knowledge of serving, mixing and garnishing drinks or the ability and willingness to learn
  • Positive attitude and excellent communication skills
  • Ability to keep the bar clean, organised and well-stocked
  • Relevant training certificates or willingness to undertake training
  • Computer literacy is not essential but operating tills will be part of the role so some understanding is useful
  • Knowledge of a second language is a plus in some areas


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