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Top tips to get tips

Working right through the Christmas period is not for everyone. However, this is the time of year where customers are at their most generous, so how can you make the most of this time of plenty?

The team have put their heads together and created their “Top tips for getting Tips”, here are some of their words of wisdom!

Show off those pearly whites – a smile can go miles!

By smiling, you’re showing your guests that you are welcoming and approachable. Going a further step by giving them a bit of your time and introducing yourself can really get them onside.

Make a connection by making it memorable

Whether you're telling a customer about your favourite starter, or remembering to wish them a happy birthday, making personal connections is a great way to boost your tips and create return customers. The little things really do make a difference.

Make them laugh

Joking with the customers helps them see you as a person, not just the server whose name they forgot 40 minutes ago. One study in America found that telling a joke to your guests increases tips by a whopping 40%. Plus, if you're ever looking to make a name for yourself in the stand-up comedy biz, this is a pretty good way to try out your material.

Get ahead of the game and anticipate customer needs

To really impress and add even more tips to the jar, start thinking about what customers may need before they even ask. Anticipate refill requests and napkin needs. This makes you look like you're right on your 'A' game.

Be a team

The hospitality industry is a special one, those who haven’t done it won’t understand the dynamic between teams. It is a roller coaster! Nurture your work relationships and bond with each other. Your guests will notice a welcoming vibe and get those warm and fuzzies that make them want to spend time at your restaurant, eat your delicious meals, and take care of you when the bill comes.

Compliment your customer’s choices

Research published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology analysed the effect that compliments have on tipping. In the study, servers were instructed to compliment guests after receiving an order by stating, “You made a good choice.” Those servers who expressed verbal approval to their guests received larger tips than those who did not compliment a guest’s choices.

Add that personal touch

Whether that be remembering a customer’s name, dressing the table with a greeting card to the guest or signing a receipt, these small actions can all make a big difference to how the customer perceives you and your service standards. Some people even love it when orders are taken but not written down as it gives the impression that you are only thinking about them.

So, plaster on those smiles, crack a joke and tell them what amazing choices they are making, and watch that tip jar fill up in front of your eyes.

Merry Christmas!