Recruiters offers an advertising platform and network of industry relevant CV’s for all your hospitality positions. With a variety of solutions to help promote your job vacancies in conjunction with a hub for industry guidance and news, it is the place to find the right candidates for you.

Attracting the best

As part of, we know exactly how important having the right people working in your pub can be, and we are here to help you fill those positions. has been launched due to the changing needs of our clients and the new managed agreements flooding the market. FindMyPubJobs.coms strong connections and excellent knowledge of the industry will attract the best hospitality job seekers. By showcasing your vacancies and making sure your advert stands out from the crowd, can maximise exposure for your vacancies. We will ensure that no stone is left unturned in the search for the right candidate for you.

Talent Matching offers filters to locate jobs or talent that match your bespoke criteria, making sure that you are not missing out on the ideal candidates and your candidates arent missing out on you. Our approach ensures that our candidates are matched to you using relevant key data therefore, freeing up your time to recruit the perfect candidate.

Access to industry specific CVs offers clients an area to search CVs for the perfect candidate. This CV database allows you to source candidates who might not have considered a career with you before. FindMyPubJobs.coms database is a tool to help boost the quality of your candidates as well as building a solid talent bank for the future. Along with this, candidate alerts will notify you when a candidate that meets your criteria has uploaded their CV and are actively looking.


Job Alerts offers job alerts to all of our registered active job seekers. Your job will be emailed directly to candidates that have created their own bespoke search criteria. Job Alerts ensure that your position gets noticed by the right people and you get the right people applying for your jobs.

Advertising to suit all needs

Whether it is a single advert for a job in one of your pubs or a national campaign for candidates to build your talent bank, has an advertising solution to meet your requirements.

Dedicated Client Page

Showcase your companys ethos, values and working environment alongside your current vacancies on your dedicated page.

Online booking & editing

Your ad will be live and editable for 28 days from the date that you upload it to your dedicated booking area. To make the process easy and quick, you can choose to have a bespoke company template, ensuring your ads are up to standards and on-brand every time.

Featured Jobs

Upgrade to a featured job and ensure that your job gets the notice it deserves. The job will feature on the homepage for high impact, reaching job seekers everywhere.

Candidate of the Month

Out of all the CVs, there will be one that stands out from the crowd. Our Candidate of the Month will showcase one outstanding CV that is worth a look. Bringing the talent to you.


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30 £1,320.00 Talk to us now
50 £1,650.00 Talk to us now
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