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Hospitality…More than just a stop gap

Entry level positions in the hospitality trade are often seen as the perfect filler jobs for students looking to top up their income or people looking for a flexible and adaptable stop-gap role at some stage during their career. With mounting student debts and the ability to work around lectures alongside the added benefit of being a sociable and effective way to form new friendship groups (especially when often you are new to the area), it is easy to understand why.

However, hospitality is so much more than just a stop gap.

The hospitality sector is dynamic and diverse with a range of opportunities across a multitude of specialisms. As an employer, Hospitality has a lot to offer and should be acknowledged as a viable and legitimate career choice. The breadth of opportunity in this sector is almost unrivalled offering skills development that can provide a lifetime of work.

So, what are the benefits of working in hospitality?

You can take on early responsibility

You can also make your way up the ladder very quickly in hospitality. If you work hard, acquire your qualifications, get on with customers and colleagues, and show initiative, very soon, you'll find yourself in a senior position managing people and projects. The ability to cross-train within multiple fields is a skill that is highly sought after within such a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, and one that, with the right amount of perseverance and experience, can elevate your career.

Flexible working hours

If you want to avoid working the typical 9-5 shift, then stop right here. Hospitality workers have access to variety in working hours. This can suit many people who are looking for a job that fits around families, who want to control the work-life balance or who are just not the 9-5 type.

Master your social skills

No matter your position, you’ll be meeting interesting people every day, from local business people to A-list celebrities. Perfecting the art of small talk and knowing what combination of elements creates the ideal networking environment are just a few bits of social know-how you’ll learn to execute correctly. Plus, the people you’ll meet from all over the world will provide you with a wealth cultural insight. So, if people skills are something you’d like to build on, you’re in luck.

Make people smile

This might be the greatest reward. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than having a client thank you for making their visit extra special. Remember that this is an industry that serves people who are looking to get away from the madness of their careers and daily troubles – so knowing that you’ve contributed to their happiness will go a long way.

These universal skills will not only offer you a career in this country but also open the doors to a world of positions. Hospitality is a career choice that will literally take you places. If travel is in your blood, then the core skills required to operate in this sector can give you a passport to positions and opportunities like no other.

There are no limitations. Think big.