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Random Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

Following on from Random Acts of Kindness Day, this article will give you some inspiration in how you can perform a RAOKs while you’re at work.

Following on from Random Acts of Kindness Day, this article will give you some inspiration in how you can perform a RAOKs while you’re at work.

Mental health is such a pressing issue today, and according to studies addressing wellbeing at work can improve productivity up to 12%. With some inspiration from, here are some ideas of the kind things you can do at work for your fellow colleagues and customers.

  • Place a note of appreciation on someone’s desk. Then write one for yourself!
  • Fill a jar with sweeties and compliments to give to a colleague.
  • Stick notes of kindness to chocolate bars and put them on your colleagues’ desks.
  • Smile at someone in passing to brighten their day!
  • Give a friend or co-worker a book that has impacted you in a positive way.
  • Go out of your comfort zone today by doing something extra special for someone!
  • Ask your colleague if they need help on a project or task.
  • Leave a note of thanks for the cleaning crew or mail delivery person.
  • Lend a helping hand when you see an opportunity.
  • Send an encouraging email to a friend or co-worker.
  • Compliment your boss on something they have done to help you grow.
  • Head out for a brisk walk and pick up any litter you see.
  • Save paper by trying not to print anything unnecessarily.
  • Share a positive review of a business partner or give a LinkedIn recommendation.
  • Be open to hearing something new from someone.
  • Reflect on three things you have accomplished this week.
  • Liven up your workspace with quotes, images or items that make you smile.
  • Share an idea that will make things better at your place of work.
  • Talk about something other than work with a colleague.
  • When others are gossiping, be the one to chime in with something nice.
  • Stand up for someone or something you believe in.
  • Address a concern or issue you've been having with a colleague. Keep a positive mindset and good intentions.
  • Surprise your colleagues by bringing some tasty treats to work.
  • Introduce yourself to someone new at work.
  • Ask a co-worker to go on a walk with you over your lunch break.
  • Find an opportunity to give a compliment today.
  • Place positive quotes about inclusiveness around common spaces at work.
  • Relay an overheard compliment to someone.
  • Everyone is important. Learn the names of those who are often 'behind the scenes' at work.
  • Put away your phone while in the company of others.
  • Clean up a mess you didn’t make.
  • Tell someone's manager that they are doing a great job.
  • Send thank you notes to three customers / clients.
  • Buy a lottery ticket or scratch card for someone and leave it on their desk.
  • Send an email to three people on your team letting them each know they are doing a great job.
  • Cover for a colleague so they can leave early.
  • Make a drink for your co-worker.

Find out more about the Random Acts of Kindness Charity and how you can make a difference by being a RAKTIVIST at We hope this article has given you some inspiration, just remember to be kind!